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It was when I earned my first pound at the age of ten washing my mother's car that I became interested in the power of money. Over time it became clear to me that the people who understand the monetary and banking system are capable of understanding the decisions made by governments and the future of society.
That is why accountancy is the only option, in my opinion, to study at university... Economics/Accounting Personal Statement *. The art of Mathematics requires a thorough mind-set of logic and practicality; this same mentality is reciprocated in many corresponding fields such as Economics, Accounting and Finance. I feel that
As a result of studying Commerce in school I developed a passion to study Accounting. My ambition is to become a Chartered Accountant or achieve Masters in Accountancy, Finance and Taxation. I enjoy working with numbers, hence, anything to do with numbers such as accounting and book keeping, have been my
For me Accounting is something I am incredibly passionate about. From a young age I have always enjoyed Mathematics and problem solving; fortunately for me these two interests of mine are a part of the fundamentals of Accounting and Finance. This has helped me to decide that getting involved in the financial world is
Since studying Business at GCSE level and Economics at AS level, I have developed an interest in the role of finance within businesses. Alongside my studies at school, I have also taken inspiration from my involvement in my father's part-time business. I have helped deal with some financial aspects of this business,
'What makes financial literacy and aptitude more powerful than money itself?' Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad addresses a striking question, which commonly is unheard of. Knowing the detrimental effects on the financially ignorant triggered me to delve into personal finance and financial consultancy.
I am writing to apply for a place on the Msc Accounting and Finance course at the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). I graduated from University of Strathclyde in November 2011 and I was granted a BA (Hons) Accounting with a second class upper (2:1) degree. Upon completing my Honours Degree at University of
From studying Maths at A-Level, I have gained further insight into the practical application of the subject, especially in the "Decision Mathematics" modules. It is this practical application that has led me to look at other maths-related subjects such as finance, accounting and business. I am especially interested in a course
Logic of quantity, strucutre and shape arrangement is all key routes that help to develop the art of financial knowledge. Having being raised in a family associated in the field of mathematics and business, this has enabled me to grow a desire and create an impact towards my degree choice. This is why i will always have a
In my opinion, Accounting is the meaning of organise, structure and the fundamental of every business. Accounting can be used in different part of life, from a basic family to the biggest company or government, it is one of the most common and important part of the whole structure. It is not only about money, it is about

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